Organic Restaurants In NYC – The List

When I look for a place to eat, most of the time, I start by going through the organic places, see if there is anything close to where I will be. I have ran the search for organic restaurants a million times. I am creating this list mostly for my self-centered self. Great if you like it too.

I haven’t gone to all these places, so unless I add a note to it, I cannot speak for the quality of the cuisine.  If you know a place that is not here, let me know. This is a raw draft, I will enhance this as time goes by.


Places in Manhattan:

Angelica Kitchen‎ (
300 E 12th St

Blossom Vegan Restaurant & Cafe‎ (
187 9th Ave

Candle 79‎ (
154 E 79th St # 3R
I love this place. The food is delicious. The service is great. I am now bored by this place a bit. Last time the food was really not exceptional and way over-priced. Added to this, we had a debutant server…

Candle Cafe‎ (
1307 3rd Ave

Not a fan…

Caravan of Dreams‎ (
405 E 6th St

Chennai Garden‎ (Chennai Garden‎ on nymag)
129 E 27th St

COUNTER Vegetable Bistro & Organic Bar‎ (
105 First Avenue
I have been to this place a couple of times. For some reason, I never remember what I think of this place. Next time, I will write it down… We recently went with a few friends and now I remember: each time we go there, one of us feels sick right after. Oh. And this time I took Mushroom slider. I should have paid attention to the missing “s”! I was not happy when the plate was presented to me. Overall, weird atmosphere and bad karma. Their drinks have fun names.

Gobo (
1426 3rd Ave
Food is not original but good. Service is ok.

GustOrganics‎ (
519 Avenue of the americas

Maoz Vegetarian Restaurant‎ (
38 Union Sq E

Organic Avenue‎ (
101 Stanton Street

Pure Food & Wine‎ (
54 Irving Pl
This was too long ago…

Souen Restaurant Union Square (
28 East 13th street

Spring St Natural Restaurant‎ (
62 Spring St

Teany‎ (
90 Rivington St

The Organic Grill (‎)
123 First Ave

Places in Brooklyn (not shown on map):

Bliss (just a cafe/bakery)
76 Henry Street, Brooklyn

Siggy’s Good Food‎ (
76 Henry Street, Brooklyn

Urban Spring (
185 DeKalb Ave, Brooklyn

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  1. This is great!!! I love having a few places already listed in one place. I can’t wait to review them. :]
    - c.

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