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Explore With Kayak – Visualizing Plane Tickets

Kayak launched a new interface: Explore. It consists of a departure field, search filters and a map spread of the world. You can visualize on the map where to go. The plane ticket prices are shown in orange overlay bubbles on each available destination. They can probably do better with how the filters sit on [...]

The Pump Shoe

Late night browsing brought be to a design firm: Design Continuum. They designed the first Reebook pump shoe that was released in 1989. They also created the Insulet OmniPod Insulin Delivery System (cool) and the Swiffer (not so cool). Check out their job offers in product design, brand strategy+ else. They have offices in Boston [...]

3 Firefox Plugins I Can’t Live Without

Xmarks: save and synchronize bookmarks across machines. Bookmarks are precious… MeasureIt: measure pixel distances in your browser. ColorZilla: pick any color you see. (+ Firebug, Web Developer, HTML Validator, Fireshot and TOR for stealth browsing…).

Solar Powered Moon Watch

A prototype created by The Emotion Lab in the process of becoming a reality. Did I mention it will be solar powered? Simple and beautiful. Moonwatch has been designed to establish a relationship between the moon cycle and a person’s emotional states. It’s a new concept of time based on nature which invites people to [...]

A Logo/Banner for Robocat Confectionary

Logo/banner I created for Robocat Confectionary: “musings on music, photography and vegan confections” by miss Joanna Rooney. The cat is pushing a vegan cupcake in his mouse. And if you are wondering if I am a vegan, the answer is no. I am a beast. I eat everything and anything. I do work on eating [...]

My Playground available in DVD

I wrote about this documentary back in November when I first got into Parkour. Now the DVD of My Playground By Kaspar Astrup Schröder is finally released. You can purchase it for $30 in the US. Also check out this interview of the director.


My New Pair Of Recycled Leather Shoes – Maplow By Terra Plana

Few weeks ago I found out about this Eco-Friendly shoe brand: Terra Plana. They design and produce shoes using recycled materials, stitching techniques (instead of using glue), local suppliers, etc. They look at the entire shoe making process and try to make it as energy efficient as they can. And the shoes look amazing and [...]

Wataah’re They Thinking?

I just discovered this New York brand through the inner web: Wataah. The company produces “premium bottle water” for kids. Why? Wataah is the solution for parents who have no control over their children and need help making water look cool. It would be so much simpler to teach children that water is fun, is [...]

Changing People’s Behavior Through Design // Contest

This video shows how we can make things that are usually not fun, fun, through simple design. I do wonder if people would get bored at some point and I think this one action is a little expensive for pushing people to move themselves. This is a great inspiration for creating useful products and services. [...]

Beautiful Masks

Designed by Claudia Hapeman. Find out more about her at