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Playing Golf in New York City

So one of my other projects for 2008 is to start playing golf again. I used to play when I was younger, roughly from 10 yo to around 17 yo, that’s when I went to college. I had reached a 12 handicap, mostly from 10 to 16, after that I am not sure but I [...]

I Want a Solar Watch

Ok so last week, I decided I want a solar watch. Since then, I have been dreaming about it. I want a modern, slick, minimalist and uncommon watch, powered by sunlight. You would think… well I was thinking it was going to be easy to find the product of my dreams. First of all, how [...]

Drink Organically

Last night, I was picking up a few groceries at the Fine Fair supermarket at 106th and 3rd: cheese, organic milk, and some beers. Cara and I are not a big beer drinkers so my plan was to get a pack of Mike’s Lemonade and some Coronas… Before heading to the register, I noticed some [...]

Nokia has the Green Light

[This post was published this morning but tonight I come home and poof! Thank you WordPress, my post has disappeared... so it is not as complete as it used to be. Need to move on :) ] Nokia has been focusing its research on green products, from handset development to shipping, use and End-Of-Life practices. [...]