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Organic Restaurants In NYC – The List

When I look for a place to eat, most of the time, I start by going through the organic places, see if there is anything close to where I will be. I have ran the search for organic restaurants a million times. I am creating this list mostly for my self-centered self. Great if you like it too. And it includes a map too. Check it out.

Be Nice Released Some New Shirts And Working On A New Shopping Experience

I just finished printing Cara’s Robot Shirt, red on coal for a local pick up tonight. Looks fantastic. This weekend at Pridefest, we released a couple of new shirts: “Queer” (spelled out in binary code), Wind Turbine and Love Hostage. The 3 of them were very successful at Pridefest and unfortunately for our customers, we [...]

Playing Golf in New York City

So one of my other projects for 2008 is to start playing golf again. I used to play when I was younger, roughly from 10 yo to around 17 yo, that’s when I went to college. I had reached a 12 handicap, mostly from 10 to 16, after that I am not sure but I [...]